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Wortley GC 22nd July

Division 1, Lee Everton sy 37 points

Division 2, Mick Shouler sy 36 points

Division 3, Rob Tait sy 35 points


-------------World Handicap System-----------------

Once you have joined a club

You Then play to establish a Handicap Index ( Max. 54 )

Then Calculate your course handicap = H Index x Slope Rating / 113

Usually found close to the first tee on a look-up table

Stableford handicap allowance - C handicap x H allowance  ie 95%

Maximum hole score is net double bogey

Hole not played – leave hole score blank or mark NP

Playing Conditions Calculated (PCC) at the end of the day

Then Score Differential calculated - what you played to

Log on to the English Golf Union App ( MyEG) or Howdidido

Update the App

Search the course

Confirm Tee markers

Make sure your playing partner has the most up-to-date App

Including the score entry icon

As your verifier search their club and last name

Once selected they will be sent a message in the app to verify your score

Finally click on the green approve / or reject – add a comment if the

Score is wrong

Once complete the score will appear in your app and your index will follow

Input details in close proximity to the course or they will fail

Recommend spare battery for phone

Please send me any further suggestions which may help

Regards Tony