1. Name & Objects.

The name of the Society shall be “The Northern Fire Brigades Golfing Society”.

The objects of which shall be the furthering of friendship and competition between members of the fire service comprised of FSSAA Districts 2 and 10 in the North of England through the playing of golf.

2. Management.

The management of the society and the disposal of funds and property thereof shall be entrusted to a committee consisting of a President, a Chairperson, a Secretary/Treasurer and one committee member representing each of the full member Services.

3. Election of Officials.

The Chairperson and the Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for a period of one year. Each full member service shall elect its own committee person. That person shall be the Secretary of the full member service golf section or that person’s nominee.

4. President.

The President will be elected at an Annual General Meeting. The appointment will be for three years or until such time as the President wishes to resign. The position is deemed to be honorary and is intended to reflect recognition by the Society of efforts by the individual on its behalf. The President shall receive an Honorarium to cover his green fee and meal expenses at the Society’s President’s Day, traditionally the last fixture of the season.

5. Chairperson.

The Chairperson will be responsible for conducting the business at any meeting of the Society and together with the Secretary/Treasurer, be accountable for the general running of the Society in accordance with the Constitution and Rules approved by the membership.

6. Secretary/Treasurer.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep correct minutes of the proceedings of all Meetings of the Society and Committee and shall produce such records at all Meetings thereof. The person appointed shall receive and pay all monies due to or by the Society, keep a correct record of accounts and financial affairs and submit the same as directed by the committee at the Annual General Meeting.

7. The Committee.

The Committee shall be comprised of one representative from each constituent Full Member Service.

8. Meetings.

An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on the day of the last competition of the season, of which 21 days notice, shall be given to each member.
Service. It shall be the responsibility of the secretary of each member service to notify their own golfing members of the location and the date of the Annual General Meeting. Any other meetings will be held at the discretion of the Committee. Any serving or retired member of a Full Member Service will be entitled to submit propositions and vote at any meeting. Affiliated Member Services personnel will not be permitted to enter propositions or vote at any meeting.

9. Full Member Services.

Shall be a service within either FSSAA #2 or #10 District. Members from Constituent services will be permitted to play in all Society competitions.

10. Affiliated Member Service.

Shall be any Service outside of FSSAA #2 or #10 Districts. At the discretion of the Committee, affiliated status may be conferred on Services within #2 or #10 District due to their traveling commitment in relation to the location of events. Such status is conferred on Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham, Cleveland & Humberside Services. Affiliated Service members will be allowed to play in a maximum of three competitions per year.

11. Subscription Fees.

All annual subscription fees for Full & Affiliated members shall be due by 31st January each year. Such fees shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Any member of a Service not paying it’s Full or Affiliated members fee shall not be eligible to play in any Society competition.

12. Alteration of the the Constitution & Rules.

The rules of the Society may be altered at the Annual General Meeting & shall be binding on dissentient members.

13. Presentation & safe keeping of the trophies.

A meal and presentation of the trophies won throughout the year will follow the close of play at the last event of the season. Member Services will be responsible for the safe keeping and adequate insurance of any trophies won. Any Service failing to return a trophy by the due date shall (in the event of winning) not take a trophy in that competitive year until restitution is made.

14. Dissolution.

In the event of the Society being dissolved Trustees will be appointed from the Committee serving at the time and the assets of the Society held in trust. If the
Society is not re-established within a period of five years all assets are to be realised and all monies donated to the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund.