Portal Golf Club 11th October 2018


  • The meeting was opened by the Chairman Howard Barker at 0908 with 8 members present.
  • Apologies; Neil Spratt & South Yorkshire
  • The Minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting were read.
  • Matters arising. None. Agreed as a true record by Keith Woodhams & seconded by Paul Daniels.
  • The President Alan Mellon gave his address; a welcome to everyone He hoped for a good day & said how special it was to be at the sixtieth meeting.
  • The Chairmans report; Howard thanked the President, the Secretary, Mark Richardson & the Service Secretaries for their work. He thanked the members for their attendance. There were; Malton 21, Davyhulme 26, Silkstone 30, Accrington 44, Headingley 32, Potal 39. He hoped the support would continue into 2019.In our region he stated that Keith Woodhams had organised a fine Sheriff Cup Event. The South Yorkshire team were victorious. Also, well done to Peter Gilby of North Yorkshire for organising the 25th Retired Firefighters Event at Ripon.
  • To receive the accounts from Tony Brown, these were presented & accepted by those present.  The balance was 953.65.
  • To elect the officers of the society; Howard Barker was elected as Chairman & Tony Brown as Secretary & Alan Mellon as President.
  • Fixtures 2019; May Cumbria, June Merseyside, July Lancashire, August South Yorkshire, September North Yorkshire, October AGM Manchester.
  • Paul Daniels of Cheshire proposed financial help with engraving, but it was declared with 24 trophies the society did not have the finance.
  • James Benson of Cumbria proposed that secretaries be encouraged to organise the events close to major roads for ease of accessibility.
  • 0925 the Chairman closed the meeting. Thanks to Howard for organising the raffle & providing many of the prizes, thanks to others who contributed to the prize table, 155.00 was raised.